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Video Editing

Below are a few examples of my video editing, and motion graphics capabilities.  If you wish to see more visit my Vimeo and YouTube account.

Marina Shafir (Behind the Scenes Video)

2013 behind the scenes video I edited for The Hollywood MMA Show on female featherweight fighter Marina Shafir.

Monkeys In Space – “Supermodel Suitcase” (Official Music Video)

2013 music video I directed and edited.

Abrina – “Step Up” (Official Music Video)

2012 music video I directed and edited.

Motion Graphics Reel

A reel displaying some of my motion graphics capabilties.

Jamerson Wedding Highlights – Coronado, CA

I edited this highlights video of the Jamerson Wedding in Coronado, CA. June 17, 2011.

Monkeys In Space – Outlaws & Bandits (Live at 4th & B)

This 2010 teaser video’s for the band Monkeys In Space. In the intro to the clip you’ll see some motion graphics work transitioned into the video.

ChivasUSA Season Ticket Holder Party

I edited this video-recap of the ChivasUSA Season Ticket Holder Party. This work was not done for the team but rather from a fans perspective with the footage I was given to edit.

RPPW 2009 Chieftains Cheer 1/3

This photomontage was created for the Rancho Peñasquitos Pop Warner Chieftains. Motion graphic work and some video editing is included.

2001: A Space Odyssey (Unofficial Trailer)

I’m a huge fan of Stanley Kubrick and I enjoyed editing this unofficial trailer of the film. I cut together scenes from the movie within AVID and incorporated the musical piece Sprach Zarathustra that was used as the theme for the film.


This is an experimental film I created back in 2004. It’s still something I enjoy looking back on because I created it in my early days of filmmaking, experimenting with editing and ways of telling a story.

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