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March 17, 2009

Hopefully at the end of the day it would be said that I encouraged people to encourage.  Encourage you to believe in yourself way past where you believed you could go or get you to believe in something thats way up here that you don’t really wanna touch it, you really don’t wanna believe.  Man go believe in that and focus on that thing and when you do that, thats when you’ll do something that sets yourself completely apart from everybody else.  It just takes one idea, one.  To change the course of your history, your kids history and influence many and millions of others.  Just one but you gotta go up there in that one little part that your thinking thats just so crazy.  It only sounds crazy because nobody else is thinking about it.  That’s your special gift, you gotta get up there in that.  Whatever it is.  -Charles “Mask” Lewis


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