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Welcome to My Blog

April 8, 2009

Welcome to My Blog.  It’s new.  And very simple right now.  I got rid of the old one along with my website if your unaware of them you can check out the blog here and the website that no longer exist here.  You might notice a similarity with a few words which is part of the reason why I’ve moved on(I’ll explain later).  I’m currently still uploading videos to my youtube account here but will soon no longer be updating that account.  I also have a vimeo account that I’ll be leaving behind here but of course I already have an account for the user name “RayRoman” that you can view here!  Okay, so many links.  I’ve decided to post the more ‘quality’ type of videos on my vimeo account and leave the rest for youtube.  As for the blog along with everything else I post on these networks(besides twitter), I’ve decided to be less personal with what I post(because its a waste of time) and keep it to the extent of the work I create along with the work of others that may be inspiring.. plus pretty much whatever work I create and share online is pretty much as personal as you can get because creating movies is all I really care about.

To update you from my last blog, I’ve been swamped with projects continuously.  Procrastination bites me in the ass over and over but for some reason I never seem to learn, but something in me feels that the “magic happens” through ‘some’ of these times of procrastination where my creativity comes out the best.  I don’t know if thats an excuse or an answer but its my opinion, take it as you want.  I’ve currently been working on a ‘mini-documentary’ piece and when I say ‘mini’ I’m talking 5 minutes at the max.  Mini!  However, it is somewhat personal since it involves a family member of mine so I’ve put a lot of work and effort into it.  Yesterday, I made the worst mistake I or anyone could probably make.  You could call it a real “EPIC FAIL” moment.  I erased the entire project by accident when trying to back it up!  It really is a stupid thing that I did but luckily enough the timeline saved in an auto-save vault within another projects folder.  At this point all I had to do was batch capture the footage(27 gigs), which matched the timecode from my video tapes and queued my timeline pretty much back to how things were!  The video is just about finished except for some motion graphics that I was going to create for an intro.  I don’t have time to create it by my deadline(thursday), but I’m going to continue working on it till I’m satisfied with it.  I’m still swamped with a few other things that I’m working on such as completing the script for my story that my group and I will be filming within the next few weeks.  Also, I’ll be involved in this “Media Carnival” – 48 hour Film Festival with an entire class of mine.  It should be interesting being that we’re all going to have to be apart of it in some way wether its filming, acting, editing, composting, whatever.. it will be interesting to see what we come up with.  I will post continuously pretty much everything I create on here so either check back for that or follow me on twitter!  Oh yeah, the post below is a quote from Charles “Mask” Lewis, one of the creators of Tapout Clothing.  I was inspired by the words of his in this video.  He recently died in a car accident and it made me realize some things..  Anyways, thats it.. back to work!


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