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48 Hour Film

April 26, 2009


This weekend I was involved in a 48 hour film festival.  Thursday night we selected out of a hat a few guidelines for the film.  One of the guidelines was that we had to involve change and second we had to incorporate an object (Sleepy the noam from Snow White) that was provided to us.  This was fun and a lot of hard work!  I probably got about 7 hours of sleep within the 48 hours.. thanks to redbull, focus and drive I was able to stick it out till the end :)  I learned and realized a lot from this.  The last time I was involved in a film festival I shot some scenes in Oceanside which coincidently we happened to shoot at again for a few scenes this time.  I did some camera work, using the dolly and pans.  I was also the primary editor for the film which was a fun and an exciting challenge to try to get it just right within 48 hours!  The film below is basically a rough cut that we turned into the Media Carnival.  It will be screening at the Carlsbad Village Theatre Sunday May 3rd at 7pm.  We plan on shooting a few extra scenes and cleaning up the edit a little bit and entering the film into a few other local film festivals.. check it out.

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