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A Future of Fortune (Short Film)

May 12, 2009

Here is my film “A Future of Fortune”.  It’s almost 20 minutes long so I had to post it in 4 parts for the web.  I would of posted it on vimeo instead of youtube but they only allow you to upload 500mb a week!  I should pay for the upgrade so I can upload high quality videos in full length.

PART 1 of 4

PART 2 of 4

PART 3 of 4

PART 4 of 4

A little about the film process: I had to write a pitch to share in front of my RTV class and I was up late the night before (of course due to procrastination) thinking about what the hell I was going to say in front of the class.  Finally after sitting and thinking it finally came to me.  I had a bunch of fortune cookies in my desk and one thought lead to another and I had my idea.. write under my nose!  I originally had an experimental vision for this but I thought I’d take a different route from what I’ve done over and over before.  It’s some what of a “romantic-comedy”, except I don’t know if its that funny.  Comedy is hard and I’m not a funny person!  You can read more about the whole process on some of the earlier blogs I wrote during the making of this.  It’s a film, there’s always a problem.. and rarely do they ever come out perfect but I feel accomplished and it was fun to make.  Like I once heard.. “we don’t finish films, we abandon them”.  That’s probably what I’ll do once I make some final changes and possibly submit them to a few film festivals because what’s the point of making a film if nobody’s going to see it.  I threw in a few experiences thats happened to me in the film such as receiving a blank fortune cookie!  By making this film I myself have found the answer to that one!

Here’s my original pitch for the story if your interested in how this all began:  This is a story about a character who lives his life by what a fortune cookie tells him.  He begins to realize the positive messages that he gets from every fortune cookie read.  The character then starts to take for granted the messages from the fortune cookies, by taking advantage of situations to better himself.  The problem only gets worse by reading more than one a day believing the answers are in the cookies.  Throughout the story the fortune cookies lead the character to new locations, new characters, and new problems.  Eventually the character tries to backtrack his footsteps by piecing together the fortune cookies he’s already read.  This eventually leads the character to realize there was a deeper meaning beyond the messages from the fortune cookies.  He realizes A Future of Fortune only comes to those who are patient once a final character enters his life.

If your interested in seeing some behind the scene photos taken by Jerry Otis who played the realtor you can check them out at the these two links:

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  1. ANNEPHELS permalink
    June 4, 2009 10:12 am

    Sweet blog. I never know what I am going to come across next. I think you should do more posting as you have some pretty intelligent stuff to say.

    I’ll be watching you :)

  2. August 3, 2009 1:25 am



  1. “A Future of Fortune” added to Vimeo « Raymond Roman's Visual Blog

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