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June 2009 Update

June 20, 2009

Lately if you couldn’t tell I haven’t really made anything solid.. it’s been a while since I have but for now I’ve been experimenting with motion graphics and animation.  The past few post below you can see what I mean.  I got some of the ideas from tutorials and have been trying to learn more about After Effects by experimenting with short videos that could later be utilized for my reel.  It frustrating not knowing what’s next but I think that’s where out of nowhere an original idea comes to mind and something is created.  So far these past few months I’ve made videos pretty much on a weekly basis but for some reason its still not enough.. the creativity isn’t oozing out of me how I wish it was!  But I’m constantly being reminded and inspired out of nowhere to continue even when I’m feeling discouraged.. for example: a film I was apart of, “Fatal Frames” won best in show/cinematography/experimental-artistic fim at the 48 Hour Media Carnival in April; in May I was voted best editor in the class; now in June “Fatal Frames” won best in class and best in show at the San Diego County Fair!  I feel like I’m bragging but as I’m typing this I’m kind of just rethinking maybe these past few months aren’t as bad as they seem.. but still, for me day to day its not enough!!  What’s next?  I don’t know, lets find out…


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