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October 6, 2009

So I’m sure you’ve probably seen this idea done before but I had to do it for a school project.  The objective was to give a person animal features and give an animal human features.  I think it seems like the the same thing just reworded.  I was going to use an image of myself but I thought I’m kind of boring so I went with Bob Dylan and Kurt Cobain, both who’s music I enjoy.  I posted the original images below the photoshop work I’ve done.  The Kurt Cobain picture was originally photographed by Mark Seliger and I’m not sure who photographed Dylan’s picture.  Overall I’m satisfied how these turned out.  I have another version for Cobain’s image that might work better with his hair but for now I’ve selected this one as the final copy.  I felt I needed to incorporate his hair with the lion somehow, I’m kind of iffy on the result but other than that this was fun.  At one point I thought about doing a whole set of “Humanimals” of filmmakers, artists and musicians that inspire me.  Please leave your comments and critiques!  Also, what’s your favorite song by Dylan and Cobain?  Mines “She Belongs To Me” and “Come As You Are”.






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