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RPPW Cheer 2009 Photo-Montage

November 11, 2009

Here’s a photo-montage I put together for my cousin and her cheer team.  I was given around 700 pictures, 7 dvds and had 5 days to put something together.  I spent pretty much all 5 days working on this day and night.  I ran into some trouble with some of the dvds not working and other issues but thats the name of the game!  It was a fight between me and the machine and I just got it done on time and put onto 15 dvds!  It was frustrating with the time deadline I was on but in the end it feels good to make another finished product.  The last time I had a race against time while editing was probably back in April, a challenge is always good!  So this is it, I posted it into 3 separate parts onto youtube.


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