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November at SDMA

November 22, 2009

I rolled solo to the San Diego Museum of Art yesterday for a tour I needed to take for one of my art classes.  I missed the correct day to go with my class but luckily my teacher was going again this weekend with a different school so I got to make up for it.  I took some pics on my camera phone but since its a basic nokia they came out pretty bad and don’t do the art justice!  Below are just 3 of my favorites that I viewed, 2 of the pics I grabbed from the internet because they’re better quality.  It was cool to peep the diverse paintings up front and take the time to look at each piece rather than just reading about them in a book or the internet.  I think more than one trip is definitely needed!  I also seen people in there sketching the architecture of the place and everything that was going on.  It made me realized how many talented artist there are out there.  I don’t think the everyday person these days really values art or even understand the time and amount of work that’s put into these.  The sad thing about art is that most artist don’t get appreciated until they’re dead, only then people give value to their work.  The Triumph of Death was one of my favorites there, I overheard one of the tour ladies telling somebody that the artist carved out the art on pieces of wood-(I think she said wood, I may be wrong) in reverse and basically uses it as a stamp for a canvas.  The Ridotto is an Italian piece that caught my attention because of the masks the people had on.  It reminded me of the film by Stanley Kubrick “Eye’s Wide Shut”.  Obviously this art work is older than the film.. I’m not sure what the masks symbolize in the painting, or if that was a tradition back then or still is?  Viewing that piece though makes me realize how much art can inspire other artist involved in film or other mediums.  Overall it was a great-fun-learning experience!

The Young Shepherdess

The Triumph of Death

The Ridotto


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