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I Love Movies, Do You?

February 28, 2010
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Wow! I’ve disliked so many movies of the 2000’s that I think sometimes I might of stopped giving the movies of today a chance because of how much I enjoy classic movies of the past.  Thankfully Paul Proulx from Bennett Media put together this mashup of the 2000’s.  I didn’t forget these films at all but looking back now at the past 10 years of movies I have to admit they’re our modern day classics!

This is another mashup done by David Fu featuring films from the past to the present.  This was done a few years ago so some recent films aren’t apart of this but if you watch this entire thing it makes you think how great life is and how privileged we are to have a medium such as film to portray it.  I haven’t seen all of the films in this video but the way its put together and the feelings I get from the films I have seen make me happy/sad.  It sucks that by the time I’m dead I will have missed so many good movies that I didn’t get to see.  Thankfully, mashups like this is one big reminder of why I love movies!

And if you can’t get enough of the mashups here’s one more from Bennett Media.


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