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Creative 365 is over.. kind of.

April 19, 2010

I’ve decided it would be more creative of myself to delete the ‘Creative 365’ section because it takes too much time to scan, upload and post everyday.  Mostly it takes way too much time to scan images because my scanner doesn’t work properly.  It sounds lazy of me but I would much rather wait for a video to render for 2 hours only to come back and find out I ran out of space, or I exported in the wrong settings and do it all over again.  Trying to scan an image I’m not nearly satisfied with for +45 minutes a day is not what I want to do anymore.  I could continue to do ‘Creative 365’ and post other mediums but the internet is already cluttered.  I’ll still be creating everyday and eventually will post some drawings online.  I was once posting everything on Flickr but you’re limited uploads so I went and posted all images on Photobucket.  The videos will continue to be posted on Youtube or Vimeo.  On this blog I’ll post all new things I’m satisfied with but everything else you’ll have to catch on the other networking sites.  If you want to see what was done in the past 3 months for ‘Creative 365’ checkout the videos below.  They’re a quick, simple montage I threw together of what was done within each month.. nothing fancy.

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