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My thoughts on Margaret Stewart: How YouTube thinks about copyright

June 15, 2010

This video from TED talks about how YouTube thinks about copyright material.  It’s crazy how computers can detect copyright material being used even if the original content is distorted.  On my YouTube account I have about 50 content id matches that have been allowed to stay on YouTube but there’s still a handful where the audio has been muted.  This is still one of many things that bug me about YouTube right now.  I tried to find a rant of mine on this blog but I realized that it was on my previous blog, you can read it here.  You will see my take on why content created by others should be allowed for use so long as it benefits the original creator in some kind of way (ie: compensation, advertisements, etc..)  In the video posted above is another great example of why companies should be more open to sharing content.  This can even be compared to the music business where artist used to sample music for free before the labels wanted money.  Nowadays mainstream artist have to get the approval to sample a song.  In a documentary I saw a few months back many artist/musicians were happy that their song/drum pattern/etc was used because it brings life to their music once again.  A similar situation is stated in this video posted above about the Chris Brown song reaching the top of the charts again.  One more thing about YouTube is that I wish they would allow users to change their username to one that is not yet chosen.  I created my account a little over 4 years ago and want to change my username.  Youtube doesn’t allow their users to do this so I would have to upload all 236 videos of mine all over on a new account and that would take way too long all for a simple name change.  I don’t understand why Twitter has the capabilities of letting their users change their username at any given time but YouTube can’t give their users this option.  I just realized that in the link I posted above about my previous rant about YouTube that I had 140 videos uploaded at the time and now I’m at 236.  Thats 96 videos uploaded in about a year and a half and an average of 59 videos uploaded to YouTube per year!  I know my videos are not masterpieces and that YouTube receives a rate of 20 hours of video per minute but its frustrating that still about 1/4 of my videos are being blocked.  I guess for now its my own problem along with others who feel they’re posting something worth while to share.  Maybe we need to become musicians and come up with our own music for our own videos.  One thing is fore sure, thank god for Vimeo!

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  1. May 27, 2011 9:56 pm

    Re-reading this again because I noticed somebody checked out this article today. When I posted this back in June 2010 I said “YouTube receives a rate of 20 hours of video per minute” (this was according to 2009 statistics), now in 2011 the number of videos uploaded per minute has doubled to 48 hours. Read more about the current statistics at

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