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Not just another 2010 Film Montage…

December 17, 2010

Update: UMG has disabled this video from playing on sites other than youtube so click here to watch it.

Holy fuck!  I really enjoyed this one more than ‘Filmography 2010‘.  I’ve got to say, this montage is very well edited and carries so much emotion throughout.  Not much to say but replay this multiple times and checkout this guys previous editing work!  This reminds me out of all the video montages I’ve posted in the past there are still a select few of those that display emotion seamlessly through the editing.  What I liked about this montage is that Matt Shapiro used a single track for the entire montage which was a great choice!

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  1. December 19, 2010 1:48 am

    Watching both of these again and reflecting on what I wrote I wanted to say that although I enjoyed ‘2010: The Cinescape’ best compared to ‘Filmography 2010’, I’m not putting down the work done for ‘Filmography 2010’. If you watch it you can tell from the start that there was a lot of thinking involved with the piece, let alone the preparation of gathering clips from 270 films. Anyone can edit a video together to some music as done in ‘2010: The Cinescape’ but in this case it was done well and I acknowledging that! Anyways, I wanted to give props to both of the editors for their creativity!

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