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I don’t want to be watered down, I want to be pure

December 18, 2010

In today’s world media comes and goes.  You see something today and tomorrow you watch something more exciting that replaces it.  Over the years I’ve learned a lot in the field of digital video, especially video editing.  I’ve learned a lot of little things that have been done before by others but along the way it was exciting for me to learn and overcome the things I didn’t know how to do.  Looking back these things are now simple for me to do.

I’ve currently been posting a video a day at where I’ll share old and new videos over time.  I understand that time goes on and in the end everything must die but I’ve decided to share these videos because they’ve only been seen by very few people.  I guarantee most of the videos will not be up to par with todays world of ‘OK GO‘ music videos or whatever YouTube videos that may float your boat!

Posting these videos will give me a chance to look back at what mistakes I’ve done in the past and now if I wanted I could recreate some of those ideas of filmmaking and editing that I was incapable of doing at the time.  When I picked up a camera about 10 years ago I had no idea that over time I would want to edit videos and use it as a way to express myself.  Time’s flew by and now in todays world of the internet it seems that everybody has quickly caught up to me.  At the speed technology is moving it seems everybody’s become a filmmaker, photographer, singer, etc.  If these arts were once pure you could say that they are definitely watered down now.  I don’t want to be like everybody else, that’s why I took this route.  I don’t want to be watered down, I want to be pure!  So enjoy these watered down videos of the past while I find my way to perfection.


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