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I already killed the Flip…

April 12, 2011

I already killed the Flip camera last year when I lost it!  Gizmodo suggest your smartphone has blood on its hands and carries the blame for Cisco axing the Flip.  They bring up the fact that it’s wasteful to carry around another piece of plastic in your pocket when phones such as the iPhone 4’s quality comes close to todays “cheap” digital camcorders.  I don’t own an iPhone 4 but along side my phone I carry a Kodak Playsport which shoots at 60fps and can go underwater (both the iPhone 4’s unable of doing right now), but I’m sure that will change as technology continues to move at a rapid pace.  I agree with Gizmodo that we don’t need multiple devices if one can do the job.  This is so true, when I was out the other weekend on the streets of Downtown San Diego I bumped into two girls while I was filming.  They were aware that I was recording because they noticed the red light blinking and one of them mentioned my “phone”, but the funny thing is it wasn’t a phone it was a pocket camera!  The point is the girl already assumed it was a phone simply because the size and the fact that phones today are capable of shooting decent video.  I’ll admit, I’m kind of surprised the Flip is dead.  I think having a separate gadget can be useful, at least at this point technology’s at.  Until smart phones are able to hold memory cards and store large amounts of file space then I think it’s necessary to have that separate gadget.  Also, we’re waiting for these smart phones to be waterproof and be able to shoot at multiple frame rates.  One day we will have the Ultimate Gadget!

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