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REPOST: My Response to “I Am A Nobody Filmmaker”

May 23, 2011

I’m reposting my response to “I Am A Nobody Filmmaker”, that I wrote 3 months ago.

I feel the same way. I am a nobody filmmaker too! I technically haven’t even made a film for about 2 years now. It wasn’t even a film it was a short film and it was recorded on video. However I’ve consistently been editing videos every month, for the past 3 or 4 years rarely missing a month. Each days spent with the obsession of a craft that I dream, study, and fantasize over. I don’t deserve the attention from anyone because I haven’t created anything that particularly interest anyone. I’ve dedicated hours of my time watching films and still I don’t feel like a true fan. Although I know that I am, its still not enough. With todays technology every upcoming filmmaker has the potential to build a following but I feel like most are lost in the ocean of people striving for the same dream. The dream to create something from nothing. To challenge the art of filmmaking by creating stories that are different and transport you into another state of mind. Filmmakers can do this without a following. A true artist creates for himself but to hold the responsibility of affecting the lives of others through a visual experience can be life changing. Not only for the viewers but for the artist. New opportunities can help a filmmaker progress. Although we’re just people, we have something to say that we want to share with others. The money or credit isn’t all that important. The stories being told are what’s most important. Which is why I still create even if my pockets are empty because its something I have to do. Although its hard to get the support from others, we must believe in ourselves before anyone will ever slightly care. Just like my comment here, nobody cares and its lost in the passing of time. Thankfully there’s other people out there with similar thoughts, thanks for sharing!

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