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Monkeys In Space – “Whiskey Kings” (Storyboards for Music Video)

July 9, 2011

Mock Music Video

These are the storyboards for a music video I envisioned for the song “Whiskey Kings” by Monkeys In Space.  7 months ago the band released the song, and once I heard it I started to visualize a music video in my head.  After hearing the song 172 times (according to my itunes play count), I came up with a concept.  Next I quickly drew up some storyboards, scanned and edited together a mock music video of how I envisioned it would turn out shot for shot just 4 days after the song was released.  I pitched the idea over to Rukkus on the phone and months later talked about it with Vara at a party but never made it happen.  I tried to translate it here but I’m not sure it’s clear to anyone else what I see.  I posted this on twitter yesterday for a few hours and it only got 1 view.  It seems people rarely click on anything you post since the internet is overflowing with media constantly, unless you have some huge following which I admit I don’t.  I’ve decided to finally release this mock music video since it’s been private for the past 7 months, and the idea has yet to be seen or brought to life.


This is an example of the storyboards mounted on illustration boards.  There are 4-5 illustration boards displaying each shot that would need recording with a brief description of the type of shot and what’s going on within the frame.  As the months passed after I uploaded the video to my online accounts, I’ve already thought up a few errors and changes that I would make.

The Concept

To show Monkeys In Space, the “Whiskey Kings” and their friends+fans having a big party.


The video starts off with a fuzzy television screen on the ground next to a bottle of whiskey.  The camera cranes up to Monkeys In Space playing on top of a stage.  In front of the stage there’s a pyramid of multiple television screens showing old party footage of band members and friends.  They represent the good times from the past and throughout the video you will see shots of television screens showing this.  Some of the angles will show whiskey bottles knocked over next to the televisions.  Nearly halfway through the video the band exits the scene they’re playing at and hit the streets with their instruments.  People gather around from all directions when they notice the band.  The band leads the crowd to a house where they charge the front door.  Inside a large party is going on as the band plays “Whiskey Kings”.  Everybody’s having a good time, having drinks, singing the song and crowd surfing. (I thought AK could be the crowd surfer!)  The police (two police men) come and everybodys forced to clear out and leave the house.  The band takes the streets again where they’re seen alone walking what appears to be home.  At 4 minutes 10 seconds of the song you see a crowd of people chanting the lyrics.  Then you see the band on top of the pyramid of televisions again.  You realize the band has brought the party back to where the start of the video takes place.  They rock out to the rest of the song and it ends with a crane shot back down to the ground similar to the opening shot with the fuzzy television screen and a broken whiskey bottle next to it.  The Monkeys In Space logo flashes up on the screen and the video cuts to black.

Final Thoughts

Looking back at the past 7 months, I could have communicated the idea to the band a lot better.  I don’t even think the other half of the band was aware of my idea and since then there’s a new member now.  Within this time that’s passed not only could this idea have been brought to life, but I could of animated an entire music video too.  Oh well, I guess this is the video that never was.  I thought I’d share it with you.

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  1. bryan n permalink
    July 21, 2011 2:25 pm

    Pretty solid concept with plenty of details. After reading this I’m also bummed this video wasnt made.

  2. July 21, 2011 3:05 pm

    Thanks for checking it out Bryan, I appreciate the feedback!

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