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A Future of Fortune (Short Film)

September 23, 2011

This is a repost of a short film titled “A Future of Fortune”.  I directed, shot and edited the short in college back in 2009.  Previously I had to post this in parts of 4, but now here’s the short in full.  To be honest, there’s many things I dislike about the film.  I don’t like the pacing of the editing, it’s a bit slow.  I wish I had more time at the time to incorporate some music within the film.  I’ve moved on from this project so I’ve decided to let it be and learn from the experience.

A Future of Fortune (Short Film)

Year: 2009

Runtime: 19 min title/ tt1786378/ 

Directed By: Ray Roman

Starring: Michael Muellenar as Mac, Pam Peterson as Jewel, Stephanie Ly as Candy, Alice Drewitt as Mac’s Neice, Jerry Otis as The Realtor, J.G. Franklin as The Butler

Crew: Renee Fox, Stephen Powell

Plot Summary: This is a story about a character who lives his life by what a fortune cookie tells him. He begins to realize the positive messages that he gets from every fortune cookie read. The character then starts to take for granted the messages from the fortune cookies, by taking advantage of situations to better himself. The problem only gets worse by reading more than one a day believing the answers are in the cookies. Throughout the story the fortune cookies lead the character to new locations, new characters, and new problems. Eventually the character tries to backtrack his footsteps by piecing together the fortune cookies he’s already read. This eventually leads the character to realize there was a deeper meaning beyond the messages from the fortune cookies. He realizes A Future of Fortune only comes to those who are patient enough to wait for destiny.

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