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Manhattan Edit Workshop Artist in Residence: Alan Heim

December 30, 2011

I enjoyed this highlight video of Alan Heim giving a presentation about editing movies.  Back in 2009 I got the opportunity to meet Alan Heim and hear him and other editors discuss editing.  I wrote about it on my old blog and titled it “we don’t finish films, we abandon them”.  This is something Heim mentions here in this video too.  It’s true, you do all you can within the time frame you have and then you eventually move on.

I thought it was funny when Heim says, “a director will say to me sometimes ‘is that the best take?’  No, I intentionally picked the wrong take”.  This seems to almost always happen or at least more than half of the time.  It’s understanding that a director or client wants to be sure that the best take is being utilized, but as an editor that is our job.  We watch what has been captured and decide what works best for the movie.  As Walter Murch believes, there are six rules to making a cut when editing.  Check out the videos below of Alan Heim at EditFest NY 2010.

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