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Who is Monkeys In Space and WHY should you SUPPORT their Kickstarter movement.. Find Out!

January 5, 2012

If you haven’t heard of Monkeys In Space yet, listen to them here.  If that isn’t enough then watch them here.  And if you just can’t get enough then go and support their Kickstarter!  Read more about the band below.

Photo by Pol Santos –

We’re Monkeys In Space– a rock n’ roll foursome from San Diego, CA. For the last two and a half years we have pounded on the southern California rock scene, playing close to one hundred shows across the West coast. Fresh off off of our sophomore release, “Flying Under the Influence,” We are ready to hit the road, but but we need your help!

Monkeys In Space was founded in 2009 in a 10×10 room dubbed “the box.” Since those early jam sessions, the band has gained a strong so-cal following, earning spots on big name shows with Strung Out, Sprung Monkey, Shiny Toy Guns and more. Up until this point, all of the monkeys marketing & promotion, booking, recording and producing has been done DIY. By ourselves. Two and a half years in, Monkeys In Space is primed and ready to hit the road. That’s where you come in!

We head out March 1st, indefinitely. Over the last few months, the band has been living off of nothing and stashing cash – we saved up enough money for the purchase of a ’94 bus, tore out the seats, and have been in the process of transforming it into a home on wheels. The more money the band can raise, the longer we stay rocking!

Your generous donations will help us with our expenses out on the road. Every cent we raise will be put directly back into the “Flying Under the Influence” tour  including gas, food, maybe an occasional hotel shower here and there, maintenance on the bus (hopefully not), and maybe to bail Josh out of jail…

Seriously though, we know times are tough and hate to have to ask for money, but here we are. If you can’t donate, we understand, but please take the time to check us out online – turn up your speakers as loud as they go, and rock out with us! For those who can spare a few bucks, check out our awesome incentives and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. We are all Monkeys. We’ll see you soon!

For more information on us and to stream all of Flying Under the Influence (for free) visit  us at

-via Kickstarter

MI$ is a band I’ve supported since they’ve formed, I’ve created some videos you may have seen to help spread their music.  As their first backer on this project I ask at least give them the minimum pledge, they deserve it!

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