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Barry Sonnenfeld

August 20, 2014

Well one thing that I don’t like about what new technology is doing to filmmaking all has to do with electronic stuff. First of all because now most directors watch their movie being made from a television monitor and not standing next to the camera. They tend to try to shoot things a little too close and there are many more close-ups in movies then there used to be because they’re now directing for television because they’re literally watching their movie being made on a television screen usually 30 feet away from where the actors are, and along with that because of the electronic editing I think that movies is starting to often be — not their movies but movies in general — often tend to be over cut. Comedies for me always play best in two shots because you get to see the action and reaction in the same shot. You get to see Cary Grant wearing the stupid fluffy bathrobe and Katherine Hepburn calling him Mr. bones in the same shot. If that was shot by a lesser director in 2007 there would be five or six cuts, and there would be a cut to Cary Grant reacting to her saying Mr. bones, and the scene wouldn’t to me be funny. So I actually feel in many ways that films are now sort of being hurt to a certain extent by lesser directors who don’t know how to use — how to sort of ignore that stuff. The ability to cut very quickly, the ability to watch a movie being made on a small monitor 30 feet from your actors I think has been hurting recent movies. -Barry Sonnenfeld

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