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Introduction to AVID Video Interviews

December 11, 2009

So this semester flew by like an owl in the night and all I really needed to take for my digital video certificate was one class.  I took some art classes to keep me involved with the whole idea of school and still need one last class this upcoming semester for the certificate.  As of now I’m just shooting for the certificate to prove myself in the real world that I actually have experience with video editing.  Below is a video I edited in Avid Media Composer as an introduction assignment to my RTV class.  This was my first time editing in Avid so during the first week of editing this I was learning the softwares interface.  My group and I passed around the camera filming each other and kind of had too much fun interviewing each other.  We each took the footage and cut together our own version to show the class.  I cut some spots out because I felt I had a little too much fun acting and didn’t want to show the class.  Unfortunately I forgot others were editing the same footage and included my oscar award winning acting!  In the video I talk about how I got started in this whole video editing-filmmaking-persona I’ve become.  In the early years (around 1999 maybe) of being a kid my buddy Peter Nudo (via twitter @peternudo), introduced me to filming  scary movies and skateboard videos for fun.  I learned from him how to hook up the camera to the vcr, vcr to the tv and “edit” or transfer footage onto a final tape.  This was my early stages of editing video, from watching him film a title for a film on Word to burning me a copy of my first editing program!  Well, thats a little brief history on how I started.  It feels good to almost have a certificate in digital video finally after all these years.  Through the years of film festivals and creating videos for fun, I think besides having a good demo reel to show, having certificates are a sense of achievement.  However, its the feelings and time that go into each video, especially when you make videos with or for friends.  I guess its kind of like a memory to look back on or to remember which is something that reminds me to keep going.  Anyways, here’s the video I edited during the first couple days of class.

Oh yeah and so I don’t sound like a mad man because I forgot to tell the reason why “I jumped off a balcony”.  The reason: we were young, dumb and having fun.


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